Working with Our Sister Company, PharmaSeek: Sponsors and CROs

Finding research sites that are capable and willing to conduct your clinical trials can be a burdensome task. Since 1995, Pharmaseek has partnered with both sponsors and CROs to identify clinical research sites for clinical trials in virtually every therapeutic area. What started as a group of twelve research sites has grown into a network of approximately 250 investigative research sites, the largest network of its kind. Research facilities in the PharmaSeek network range from small practices to large academic institutions.

Benefits of working with PharmaSeek:

Working with a site network like PharmaSeek can be highly beneficial to a sponsor/CRO. To start, our site network offers rapid access to hundreds of pre-qualified research sites (and over 1,000 PIs) to conduct sponsors’ studies. Sponsors and CROs can benefit in many other ways:

  • Proven streamlined and accelerated study start-up
  • One contract and one budget for all sites selected on the trial
  • Assistance with site communication and study updates
  • Single point of contact at PharmaSeek through feasibility and negotiations
  • Individually assigned accounting manager to handle all site payments

Working with PharmaSeek is also free for all sponsors and CROs. In fact, we do not get paid unless our sites are selected on a study. We work with our sites to negotiate a small percentage of the per-patient budget for completing the administrative side of the study. As such, our financial interests are completely aligned with the sponsor and CRO.

How to get started:

The process begins when a sponsor or CRO shares a feasibility questionnaire and/or protocol summary with PharmaSeek. When a Sponsor or CRO reaches out to our Business Development team, there are a few things about the study we would like to know (list below) so we can pass on the information to our sites. It is incredibly beneficial for us to know as much information as possible up front, which allows us to provide the most accurate and qualified investigators to our sponsor/CRO clients.

  • Indication
  • Phase
  • Award status for CROs
  • Can our Puerto Rican and Canadian sites be included?
  • Does a CDA need to be signed?
  • Do feasibility questionnaires need to be filled out?
  • Is a synopsis is available for the sites to review?
  • Date due

We then determine potential site matches and contact those sites with a blinded questionnaire to further assess their interest and qualifications. PharmaSeek presents a summary report to the sponsor/CRO of interested and qualified sites. For each project we assign a site selection specialist and a project manager who serve as a single point of contact between the sponsor/CRO and site.

We continue to support the site selection process by facilitating CV submissions, answering follow-up questions, documenting patient populations, coordinating site selection visits, and more.

When our sites are selected, we not only facilitate study start-up, but also patient recruitment and payment reconciliation on behalf of sites. Are you a sponsor or CRO interested in working with PharmaSeek? Contact them to learn more!