PatientWise 2018 Highlights

PatientWise has been a part of tremendous progress recently, and this past year has been one of the most fruitful. Patient recruitment campaigns are one of our staples, and we have witnessed success in developing marketing strategies for sites across the country. Over the past year, PatientWise has seen a spike in growth, the bulk of which came from central campaigns that we secured. We have been able to play a part in teaching our audience about the industry, as we regularly post blogs discussing different ways in which sites can improve their patient recruitment tactics. Additionally, we have become affiliated with one of the larger health systems in the country and we have been able to support them in many different areas of their business. After a successful year like this past one, we naturally hope to ride this momentum into the new year.

Top Blogs

We see blogs as a very important part of our presence. Helping sites use the resources at their disposal to better themselves is our goal, so being able to share some of what we know by way of our blog posts is a logical step for us to take. Below, we listed some of our top blogs of the year 2018 and why they are significant to our audience.

·        “Using Social Media for Patient Recruitment: How to Reach Your Ideal Patient”

With the uptick in social media usage as a means of communication, we recognize the importance of making sure patient recruitment adapts appropriately to this form of communication. Letting ideal potential patients guide your efforts is the key to good recruitment. This blog was one of the top blogs of the year because it was twofold; explaining how to find these ideal patients and how to reach them through social media. Clear examples of possible patient demographics were given, and different incentives based on those demographics were given as well. This blog alone can be a tremendous benefit to any site.

·        “Traditional vs. Digital: Diversifying Patient Recruitment Funds Across Media”  

Today, digital media seems to be the medium of choice for most advertising. But what about traditional media? Putting all your marketing eggs in the digital basket is a surefire way to miss out on potential patients. This blog tackles the notion that traditional media is dead. It informs readers that while digital advertising is in fact on the rise, traditional advertising is still among the most trusted forms of it. Both traditional and digital advertising have pros and cons and this article points out that fact and advises readers to vary the ways in which they try to reach their audiences.

New Partnerships and Growth

PatientWise has secured a strong relationship with Mercy Research. We have had our hand in a few different projects for them over the course of time. We produced their 2017 and 2018 Annual Reports, assisted with various corporate marketing projects, and have transitioned into facilitating their study-specific advertising as well.  PatientWise has seen growth in many areas along with the effective completion of several campaigns. The PatientWise Agency has successfully completed 12 dental websites, and one veterinary website.  We also manage various clients’ social media accounts. 

Looking forward to 2019

In 2019, PatientWise looks forward to continued growth through both site-specific and central campaign work.  We also plan to expand the Agency side of the business, progressing outside the state into various locations such as Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. PatientWise is looking forward to continuing along the trajectory that we are already on and to have another successful year in 2019. This next year, we plan on building more partnerships, cultivating our current ones, and staying up to date and current in the way we present ourselves to the industry, so stay tuned!