Spring Cleaning Checklist for Sites

Although summer is soon to be in full swing, it isn’t too late to pull out your spring-cleaning checklist and take inventory of your sites marketing practices. We suggest tying up any loose ends that your business may have when it comes to both digital and traditional marketing.  Pose yourself these questions and think about what proactive steps can be taken to maintain or enhance your site’s marketing resources.

Is your website current and updated?

A company’s website acts as the front page and first point of contact for your business. It’s important that your website is up to date and is an accurate representation of your site. Although it isn’t easy to track the effectiveness of this marketing tool, it is important to maintain your website so clients become familiar with your brand and trust your business. Two key items to make sure are updated: site hours and site contact information.

Is your logo consistent on all marketing materials (both digital and traditional)?

Consistency in all marketing areas is key. In order to build brand recognition and have clients relate to your message, they need to have a firm understanding of who you are. This can be achieved in part by having a unique, consistent logo on the digital and traditional marketing materials for your site.

Is your Facebook page current and updated?

For most businesses, Facebook is the best form of social media to use to maximize their marketing efforts. For this reason, your Facebook page should be kept as current as your website. With the ability to target advertisements and boost posts, your reach can be as long as you want it to be; make sure potential clients see accurate information when they link back to your page. The goal of your Facebook page should be to build brand awareness and trust among your community of patients, as well as driving them to take action in response to your ads or posts.

Is your Google business page current and updated?

These days, before checking out a business for themselves, people check Google and base their opinions on that search. Make sure that your site looks attractive to potential clients by keeping your verified Google business page current. People trust what they see on search engines like Google, so optimize what you can on your own so potential patients can immediately trust your site.

Do you have enough tangible printed marketing collateral?

While it may be true that digital marketing is beginning to surpass traditional marketing, it is still valuable to have a good supply of traditional marketing collateral on hand. This material is a form of direct marketing that has the goal of eliciting an action from the targeted viewer/reader. Printed collateral is straightforward and is a reliable way of getting your messaging out to potential clients.

Is your tangible printed marketing collateral modern and fresh?

Just having marketing materials on hand isn’t enough – you need to make sure that these materials are current, just like your digital resources. Traditional marketing is not dead and is an effective tool in many respects. Examples of useful printed marketing collateral include postcards, direct mail, print advertisements, and more. There is a large section of the population that trusts traditional marketing significantly more than digital marketing, so make sure to cover all your bases.


Check these items off your list this spring to give your practice an image that is trustworthy and recognizable to your target audience. If you find a marketing task that your company may need assistance with, PatientWise is more than capable of helping; no job is too big or too small.