Introducing Clinical Study Finder

PatientWise is excited to introduce you to Clinical Study Finder (CSF), a website powered by us and created with the sole purpose of connecting clinical research sites to the right patients. We understand that your clinical trials are nothing without volunteers. That’s why PatientWise envisioned a tool to bring patients and researchers together to drive the advancement of medicine.

CSF has two main functions for patient recruitment that can be used as a dynamic pair or as stand-alone service offerings.

1. CSF Landing Pages

Whether you are externally advertising your clinical trial or blasting your internal database, tracking ROI on your patient recruitment strategies is more important than ever. Having a central hub for all media outlets allows for more detailed metrics about where your patients came from and how they heard about your site. Additionally, it allows for patients to learn more about your site and study prior to initial contact from a study coordinator, filtering out unqualified patients and maximizing your staff’s resources.

PatientWise utilizes CSF’s website to customize landing pages for your studies and site. These landing pages feature relatable imagery, engaging and straightforward study information, form fills and backend tracking capabilities. Both traditional and digital media tactics will forward to the CSF landing pages as a streamlined call to action for your patients. All these features are what make CSF landing pages central to all PatientWise patient recruitment campaigns.

2. CSF Patient Database

Don’t have a large patient database for your study? With years of patient recruitment experience, PatientWise has built a solid foundation for our CSF Patient Database. With access to thousands of patients categorized by therapeutic area and markets spanning across the country, PatientWise is able to send email blasts to specific patients based on your study criteria and site location.

Are you looking to take your patient recruitment to a new level? Let Clinical Study Finder, powered by PatientWise, be the cohesive backbone to your study advertising strategy.

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