Case Study - 

Riverside Clinical Research & Clinical Trial Connection

Conducting clinical trials, from detailing a comprehensive plan to administering a schedule of tests and procedures, all share the same battle—patient recruitment. Though some research sites have dedicated marketing teams to advertise their studies, smaller practices often have their hands full and compromise their marketing strategy, or even forgo it altogether while risking low enrollment numbers. Even with advertising funds allotted by sponsors, many sites are either unaware of the funds or simply lack the resources to utilize them.

PatientWise is a full-service patient recruitment and marketing agency designed to help research sites recruit qualified patients. Their team of dedicated marketing specialists works with sites to design and implement marketing strategies for clinical trials. Their recruitment services, which are fully financed by sponsor advertising funds, allow sites to focus on conducting quality patient care and research, while incurring no out-of-pocket expense.

The Clients

Aaron Cooper, Recruitment Manager at Riverside Clinical Research in Edgewater, Florida, and Courtney Davis, Site Director for Clinical Trial Connection in Flagstaff, Arizona, both manage patient recruitment at their respective practices and shared similar issues with limited time and resources. For many sites, the effort to develop and initiate a marketing campaign for a clinical trial can be too time-consuming and costly.

"It came to a point where we just weren't advertising at all because it just wasn't worth it for us to be out that money and wait." 

At Clinical Trial Connection, running an advertisement entailed using their own funds upfront followed by a lengthy wait for sponsor reimbursement. Davis shared, “We would have to come up with the money out of our own pocket and then we would have to wait, sometimes 90 to 100 days, just to get our money back from the sponsor. So, it came to a point where we just weren’t advertising at all because it just wasn’t worth it for us to be out that money and wait.” 

Cooper shared that Riverside Clinical Research had issues with dedicating the time to develop advertisements with an already heavy workload.

“A lot of sponsors don’t have anything available for sites to use for ready-to-go materials…. We’re a site with 20 employees and sometimes they’re so maxed out, we don’t have anyone that can just sit around and create ads.”

The Solutions

With patient recruitment continuing to be an uphill battle, both research sites turned to PatientWise to alleviate their problems, all at no extra cost to them.

For Riverside Clinical Research, PatientWise has assisted in working with sponsors to expedite the clinical trial recruitment process. “[PatientWise] has always been really magnificent at being able to obtain a budget, put together a proposal, show a sponsor what the intention is to do with the dollars that [are] granted, and also being able to record those things,” said Cooper. 

Along with more streamlined recruitment efforts, PatientWise also developed targeted marketing strategies catered to each clinical trial, taking demographic and geographic information into consideration. Cooper said, “Recruitment was a big struggle for us and seeing some help there was one of the biggest selling points to want to work with PatientWise.… We couldn’t do that ourselves and it really boosted our enrollment.”

At Clinical Trial Connection, PatientWise is seen as a reliable asset backed by PharmaSeek’s positive reputation. “The main reason I was interested in PatientWise was because I knew it was going to be a good company—and it’s been wonderful. They take care of all of the IRB approval so it takes a load off of my hands,” said Davis. 

PatientWise finely tunes every marketing campaign to each trial and works extensively with the site to make sure their needs are met. With every successful marketing campaign, the patient database has an opportunity to grow. “Every time we run an advertisement, the people that do call regarding the ad, whether they qualify or not, go into our research database. Now we have recruitments that we can go back to when we need other patients. That’s pretty big for us,” says Courtney. 

Much of the success in each of these cases is largely attributed to prompt and thorough communication. PatientWise consists of a team of professionals who closely monitor each campaign throughout its duration while understanding the intricacies of each and every site.

“It’s not like you’re only hiring a media company that places ads and we’re just giving them a bunch of money and hoping for the best, there’s a lot of communication back and forth to make sure it’s working and that the dollars are going to the best source possible.” - Aaron Cooper



Clinical Trial Connection and Riverside Clinical Research aren’t the only sites that have benefitted from PatientWise services. To date, PatientWise has worked with hundreds of sites to boost patient recruitment and enrollment. With PatientWise, you can expect a commitment to bringing patients to your site whether for a clinical trial, primary care or specialized treatment. At no extra cost to you, let PatientWise take patient recruitment out of your hands.