So, you’re looking to freshen up your brand?

Great! Let us show you how WCG PW can help boost your site’s brand strategy and awareness. Our creative team is on hand to customize any size project to fit within your marketing needs.

PatientWise Website Builds

One of the easiest ways to boost credibility and visibility is to have a well-established website. Today, the majority of people are searching for health information online. The worst thing they can find is nothing. Not having a website is detrimental to your brand. Having a website that is outdated is a very close second. Let WCG PatientWise help create a fresh, modern and updated website that your patients can feel connected and secure about.


Have a logo that stands out against the competition. All of the strongest brands have a logo you instantly recognize. Having a strong logo will allow your patients to easily spot your business and its marketing tactics. Let WCG PatientWise develop a new logo (or refresh your current one) that will align with your brand strategy efforts and resonate with your patients.

PatientWise Logo Design
PatientWise Print Collateral Creation

While digital media and presence is in the forefront, having a well-rounded marketing strategy including print collateral holds a lot of power. WCG PatientWise’s creative team can design and produce any sort of tangible marketing collateral your site may need, and that will adhere to your brand. Some examples include (but is not limited to): business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, and waiting-room displays.