So, you’re interested in a centralized campaign?

Great! Let us show you how WCG PW can help boost your patient recruitment strategies. We streamlined our process to make implementing a centralized campaign simple and efficient.

Step 1: Proposal(s)

WCG PatientWise will work closely with your patient recruitment team to develop a customized proposal that will align with the scope, timeline and marketing tactics you need to achieve results. Upon approval of the overall campaign strategy, WCG PW can work directly with each site on the study to develop site-customized advertising plans, specific to each unique market. This helps minimize cost and produce the highest results.

Step 2: Creative

Upon approval of the proposal(s), the WCG PW creative team will begin the process of creating all advertising materials for the study. A “creative toolkit” will be developed that includes templates for all media tactics. This allows for one easy IRB submission, but also the ability to later customize marketing materials to each individual site, if necessary. All creative materials will be approved by the sponsor/CRO and then sent to the IRB for final approval before implementation.

Step 3: placement

After approval of the creative materials, we will handle all implementation and performance of the campaign. We negotiate with vendors to place your media at the best possible rates, extending your advertising dollars further. Throughout your campaign, WCG PW will manage and share performance of your campaign and adjust as needed to ensure top performance of each advertisement for each site, putting your mind at ease.

Step 4: tracking

As the campaign is running, all patient referrals will get routed to each correct site via email. If particular media components are not performing well, we can pivot and make changes throughout the campaign. During the campaign, we will send metric and referral updates to you displaying how each site is performing overall.

Patient recruitment campaign process (4).png