We can’t wait to work with you.

WCG PW is here to support your patient recruitment needs through centralized advertising campaigns. We want to help you meet patient enrollment goals faster and more efficiently.


We are dedicated to providing cost-effective and successful campaigns for your clinical trials. We keep that in mind as we develop a customized strategy that will encompass a wide variety of medias to best reach your target market. With years of clinical trial recruitment experience, our team understands what works to grab the attention of your patient population.


Establishing and maintaining timelines are essential to the success of central campaigns. We will work with you to set appropriate goals that fit your patient recruitment needs. To streamline the patient recruitment process, PW will have a dedicated site engagement manager handle each site’s questions and needs towards recruitment.


A successful campaign needs to have a strong ROI. WCG PW will handle all campaign implementation and media placement, negotiating the best rates to stretch your advertising dollars further. We will work with you to provide updated metrics on each site’s performance during and after the campaign, and make adjustments as necessary to ensure quality patient referrals.